The Storefront is the home of your business with Aryeo and makes it easy for your customers to place orders with your business online. This lesson will give you a general overview of how to navigate the Order Form Editor and create your first Order Form. Need to create multiple order forms for different types of clients? No problem! You can create as many order forms as your business needs.

Start by heading to the Storefront tab on your dashboard. To create your first order form, press the Make Order Form button.

Once you enter the Editor, you will see a sample view of your Order Form that we have auto-generated from your Account Settings. The form is embedded nicely on a page and is fully customizable. Above your Order Form, there are sizing options for viewing. Toggle between these to see the appearance of your order form on different devices, such as mobile or desktop. Press the View Form option to see your form in a new tab at any time.

On the right is a live preview of the order form and on the left are the sections that are able to be customized on the Order form. We automatically pull in your company logo and defaults. Our hope is that the order from is 80% of the way there and with a few minor changes you will be able to customize this to the look and feel of your business.

Order Form Appearance

A professional order form will impress your customers and give credibility to your business. Click on the Appearance button to open that section. Within this you'll see a few options. The primary color is the purple color that you will see on the buttons. Updating the primary color will change the colors of the buttons. The background color by default is grey, but you can update the background color to your preference. Last, you can swap the default fonts. Click save to apply your custom design!

Order Form General Settings

The General Settings tab is at the top of your sidebar. Here, you can edit the text and format of the top of your form. Change the title, remove or add your logo, adjust your time zone, and add or change the description to fit the feel of your business. Press Save to update your changes at any point.

Custom Fields

Want to add a custom question on your Order Form? This lesson will show you how to use the View Custom Fields tool in the Order Form Editor to seamlessly integrate your question. Custom questions can be added on Step 1 or Step 3. To get started, let's go into Step 1: Address Details and at the bottom you'll see an option to view custom fields. Click that and add a new field. There are number of options you can choose to create your custom fields.

For example, you may want to add a field for the agent to place a lockbox code. Start by adding a new custom field. Then select your settings and add the information!

  • Field Type - Text, dropdown, radio buttons, text area

  • Field Title - give the field a title

  • Field Description - optional help text

  • Field Placeholder - placeholder

  • Field width - select the size you would like to display the field as

Terms of Service

To add terms of service to your form, head to Step 5: Confirmation and press Require Terms of Service. You can edit your terms of service in the Legal section of the Settings page.

Displaying Product Categories

If you only want to offer a certain category of products on your form, head to Step 2: Services and select Category to Display. Choose a specific category or leave them all available!

Publishing the Order Form

Once the order form has been customized it can be put out into the world. Here’s a few ways to make the order form available to your customers.

  • Add a page to your website that links to the order form (ex. Book Now)

  • Add a Button to your website linking to the order form

  • Embed the form to your site with an iframe (learn more)

  • Add it to your Facebook Business Page (watch this video to learn how)

This guide should get you on your way to creating the perfect order form for your business! We recommend spending some time playing around with different features and settings covered in this guide to ensure that your form is exactly how you prefer. If you run into trouble at any time, reach out to our team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen and we will be happy to help you out!

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