The Storefront is the home of your business with Aryeo and makes it easy for your customers to place orders with your business online.

The Storefront section which has been recently designed for ease of use and navigation. Easily access your products, adjust availability settings, and access/update order forms and settings.


Your products are the services that you sell and will display on your order forms. Products include Main & Addon Products, Travel Fees, and Taxes.

Main Products

These are products/services you offer to clients. Main products are the primary services you offer to clients and Addon Products are secondary services that can be optionally added.

Travel Fees

Aryeo allows you to create and manage any number of fees. These fees can be percentage-based, flat rates, or distance/time-based, and they are assigned to one or more users in your group. Once assigned to a user, when that user is assigned to an appointment, their corresponding fees will be applied to that order's subtotal.

Sales Tax

The Aryeo system can help your business automatically collect sales tax! This is great for larger teams that operate across multiple states, where it can often be difficult to ensure you're collecting the proper amount in each area.


Easily manage availability settings on the business and user level. Here you will find a When, a Where, and a Booking Options section.

  • When is your business available to provide service? In the When section you can set default business hours for your group and individual team members (overrides), Twilight availability preferences, and manage synced calendars.

  • Where does your group provide services? In the Where section you can set the Home Bases of your users which is used (when applicable) to calculate how far they need to travel to events and manage your groups service area(s) by creating Territories.

  • Booking Options are based on when and where your users are available, what times should customers see when booking, and should they be able to reschedule or cancel after booking?

Order Forms

Here, you can create a new Order Form, edit an existing form, or view the existing order form. he order form can be placed on your website in multiple ways to receive new orders from clients. Multiple order forms can be created for different purposes such as Residential and Commercial. Open the Editor to customize the order form and its settings or View the form as it is now.

Default Order Form

Update your default order form, displayed in your customer accounts for them to place orders with you directly in Aryeo.

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