The Aryeo system can now help your business automatically collect sales tax! This is great for larger teams that operate across multiple states, where it can often be difficult to ensure you're collecting the proper amount in each area.

Enabling Sales Tax Collection

By default, sales tax collection is disabled in the system. To enable, first go to Settings > Taxes ( Toggle the tax collection box and you will see the following five options for tax collection:

The options (as shown) are:

  1. State - only state taxes will be applied to orders

  2. State + County - state and county taxes will be applied

  3. State + County + Customer - this will add on any custom rate(s) in addition to state and county

  4. State + Custom - custom rate(s) and a state rate

  5. Custom - this will applied all custom rates that you have defined

Once enabled, all orders going forward will automatically collect taxes on them!

Location detection for rates

Aryeo will use the location of the order and/or connected listing to ensure the proper tax rates are being collected. If the address changes, and the order is unpaid, we update the tax rates automatically!

What rates are used?

Aryeo uses a service called Avalara to calculate the required state and county taxes. Avalara keeps all rates up to date automatically, so you don't need to! You're not required to use the official rates however, and can set your own custom rates in the section below.

If you'd like to lookup what rates are going to be applied, you can enter an address here:

Defining Custom Rates

Sometimes you may want to set a custom rate for tax collection. This can give you a more control over what your customers are charged, or allow you to collect taxes in areas we don't yet support. To add a custom rate, scroll to the button and click "Create New Rate":

This will bring you to a new form that will let you enter all of the details you need:

Name: this will be displayed to customers on their invoices

Description: this field is not displayed anywhere, and you can optionally add some notes to help track what the rate it

Tax Rate: enter a percentage that you would like applied to the subtotal of the order. This will be applied in addition to any other taxes

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