Always ensure your business' accounting is kept in sync.

With Aryeo's Quickbooks Integration, when customers pay for an order in Aryeo, the completed order and payment will be synced with your QuickBooks Online account. Your products in Aryeo will match to line items on the QuickBooks invoice, and the invoice will be marked as paid by that customer.

Note: This feature is compatible with Quickbooks Online, only.

Let's get started!

Step 1: App Store

To start, head over to the App Store in your Aryeo account.

Step 2: Connect Your Quickbooks Account

This integration syncs to an existing QuickBooks account, so we'll begin by authenticating your current QuickBooks account. This can be done from within the QuickBooks app shown in the Aryeo App Store - click on this App, and hit "Enable" to connect your account. It will prompt you to login to QuickBooks and once connected, redirect you back to the Aryeo.

Step 3: Sync Customers, Products, and Other Options

Back on the Aryeo App Store, you'll see some further integration options now available.

Each of the buttons above correspond to additional settings to make sure your Aryeo and QuickBooks accounts sync seamlessly. We'll breakdown each below.

Order Settings

We'll begin with your "Order Settings." There are two options you can set up, one for the "Payment Method" and one for the "Deposit Account." These are applied for each invoice synced to your QuickBooks account and are helpful if you do any advanced invoice analytics or filtering in QuickBooks.

The dropdown values shown for each option are pulled in from your QuickBooks account. If you'd like to add a custom value - such as the "Aryeo / Stripe" value shown in the screenshot above - you can add this value in QuickBooks and we'll pull that in automatically.

Match Aryeo and Quickbooks Customers

Next, match up your Aryeo and QuickBooks customers. This ensures that your customers in Aryeo are automatically set for your QuickBooks invoices and payments.

Thankfully, this is only something that you'll need to set up once for your existing customers! Once set, your orders in Aryeo will show if that customer has been properly synced or not.

Match Aryeo and Quickbooks Products (optional)

Finally, you can sync your products in Aryeo with corresponding products in QuickBooks. When complete, your QuickBooks products will be used as the line items of each synced Invoice.

This sync is nice for tracking product specific metrics - however, it is an optional part of the integration. If you choose not to connect to your QuickBooks products, we'll create a custom line item for each invoice with a list of the products for that order in Aryeo.

Optional: Making Quickbooks Invoice Number Appear

For some accounts, their Quickbooks Invoice number may not appear by default. This is an easy fix, but requires you updating some settings in Quickbooks! Check out our quick tutorial video below:

That's it! Once you've done that, any orders that are paid through Aryeo will automatically be created in Quickbooks as Invoices, and their payment will be applied to it. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions or concerns!

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