Credits are used to purchase additional Aryeo services. Learn more about credits and how they can be used below.

What are Credits?

Credits can be purchased to add additional services to any new listing. There are two additional services that can credits can purchased and used for in Aryeo. Let's review those.

  • Listing Domains - (ex. Listing Domains are a great way for agents to market their properties and get more exposure. Listing domains can be added to any property website url by purchasing it with credits in you account.

  • Video Slideshow Builder - Aryeo will automatically turn your property photos and content into an animated slideshow video. Video Slideshows cost 10 credits and include both branded and unbranded versions. They'll automatically be added to your property in the "Videos" section once finished processing (usually only a couple minutes!).

How to Purchase Credits

Need to purchase credits for your business? It's simple! Locate and open the Settings option on the left navigation menu. Scroll down until the Billing and Payment Settings section has been reached. Click the Credits tile in this section to open the Credits page.

$1 = 1 Credit. Select the amount of credits you wish to add and click Purchase. From there you will be brought to a simple checkout page where you can enter credit card information (or use the card saved on file if applicable).

That's it! Those credits are now available in your account and can be used to purchase listing domains or video slideshows directly in Aryeo. Contact our support team if you have questions or need a hand adding credits to your account.

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