We've absolutely loved being part of the real estate photography community for the last few years. From the days when we started as real estate photographers almost a decade ago to starting and building Aryeo with the best tools we can imagine for running a real estate photography company, this is truly an incredible community.

We've loved connecting with everyone on the phone, in Facebook groups, at events like the annual PFRE conference, and elsewhere. In particular, we're so thankful for everyone who's ever recommended Aryeo to a friend. Your referrals help Aryeo grow and in turn, give us the opportunity to build better and better tools for you.

To start to pay it back to the photographer community, we are excited to introduce a new Referral Program for Aryeo customers. πŸŽ‰ This program will allow photographers using Aryeo to refer other photographers in the industry to Aryeo. And, we're more than happy to reward you for that. With each referral, the person you refer will receive 10 free bonus listings on top of their subscription's annual listing total, and you'll receive 5 bonus listings on top of yours. There's no limit on this, so refer away!

So how do you set this up? Good question! Let's step through the short set up process.

Open the Referral Program Page

In your settings, you'll find a new **Referral Program** page under the **Billing and Payments** section.

2021-03-11 21

Create a Referral Code

Now, we especially want to reward the Aryeo photographers that have been with us the longest. Therefore, the only restriction on creating referral codes is that you must have delivered 25 listings on the platform. That's it!

Once ready, you can create a new referral code by hitting the purple **Add referral code** button. This will take you to a simple page where you can set the name of your referral code.

2021-03-11 21

This name can be whatever you'd like. Sometimes, it's nice to create different referral codes if you plan on sharing them via specific channels, perhaps a Facebook Group and somewhere else. So you could create one referral code named "Facebook Group Code" and another called "Conference Referral Code", for example. Or, if you only plan on creating one code, the name "My referral code" always works! This is completely up to you, and just dependent on how many code's you'd like to have (you can create up to 10!).

Once ready, click the **Create Referral Code** button! Once you do so, we'll create a random, 6 character code that you can share with other photographers.

2021-03-11 21

In the above video, for example, our new referral code is *YCXAYM*.

Sharing a Referral Code

With our referral code created, it's now ready to be shared with the world! Now a new photographer signing up for Aryeo will be able to use your code on step 2 of the registration process.

2021-03-11 21

They'll see that referral code activated, with the number of bonus listing specified by the referral code applied to their annual listing total.

Receiving Your Bonus Listings

Now what about your bonus listings? By default, you'll receive 5 bonus listings for every new photographer who signs up using your code and starts on a paid Aryeo subscription. Because of the free trial we offer all new customers, there may be a bit of a delay between when someone signs up using your referral code and when their subscription becomes active.

This, thankfully, is easy to track right in your account! Back on the referral program page in your settings, you'll notice a second section of the page titled **Referees**. This section keeps track of all the photographers that have signed up using your code!

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10

We can see above that *BQs Photography, LLC* signed up using my code. When they initially signed up and were on heir trial, the **Referral Award Granted** status of this referee would show as *pending*. However, in our example this photographer has completed their free trial and started off on their subscription, so the status of my referee has flipped to *Awarded* (shown in green!) and I've received my bonus listings!

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