Aryeo will automatically turn your property photos and content into an animated slideshow video. Videos are created using the images you've uploaded for that listing. This is a great way to boost your property SEO!

Before creating the Video Slideshow, ensure your images are in their final order. Once the video has been generated the image order can't be updated. Don't forget to save any changes!

To add a video slideshow to your listing, you'll want to select "Add New Section" at the bottom of the listing page.

When the options window appears select 'Video Builder'

From there you can customize the video details such as video title and branding information.

Videos cost 10 credits and include both branded and unbranded versions. They'll automatically be added to your property in the "Videos" section once finished processing (usually only a couple minutes!).

Need to purchase more credits for your business? Learn how to add credits here.

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