Video Slideshow Builder

Aryeo will automatically turn your property photos and content into an animated slideshow video. Videos are created using the images you've uploaded for that listing. This is a great way to boost your property SEO and a helpful option for creators who do not offer video services as part of their product offering suite.

The Video Slideshow will automatically generate both a branded and unbranded video for the price of 10 credits. Videos are final so please be sure to review them carefully before purchasing.

Before Generating a Video Slideshow

Once the video slideshow has been generated it cannot be edited. Before creating the Video Slideshow, ensure your images are arranged in their final order by using the Rearrange feature. Don't forget to save any changes!

Hiding Images from a Video Slideshow

If your listing has 30+ images, hiding them from the property website gallery will ensure they do not end up in your video slide. To hide/remove images for the video slideshow, expand the images section and deselect the images you wish not to be included in the video slideshow. Don't forget to save any changes!

How to a Video Slideshow to a Listing

To add a video slideshow to your listing, open the listing and select the "Video Builder" quick action button at the top of the listing edit page. See example below.

Once the 'Video Builder' section has been added you will be brought right into the video slideshow customizer. From there you can customize the video details such as video title and branding information.

Generating the Video Slideshow

After selecting Pay & Create videos we will get to work building the video slideshow. They'll automatically be added to your property once finished processing (usually only a couple minutes!). Here is an example of what the finished video slideshow results will look like on the listing edit page.

How do I purchase a Video Slideshow?

Videos cost 10 credits and include both branded and unbranded versions. They'll automatically be added to your property in the "Videos" section once finished processing (usually only a couple minutes!).

Need to purchase more credits for your business? Learn how to add credits here.

Can I add my own music to the Video Slideshow?

The video slideshow feature comes with fixed with one song option at this time. Custom songs cannot be added to video slideshows.

Can the Video Slideshow feature two real estate agents?

At this time only one agent can be featured in the branded video slideshow.

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