On Aryeo, Photographers can now add credits and debits to specific clients for future use. This can be done as an alternative to a refund, a referral credit, or even as a promotion. On the opposite end you can debit their balance if they have credits that need to be applied and payment has not been made on their end.

If you would like to take advantage of this new feature, head on over to the customer section of your Aryeo account. From there you will be able to edit any customer who will be getting this credit feature. Once you have gone into "Edit" the customer of your choosing, you will then go into the "Payments & Balance" tab to add or debit any credits from that customer.

Once you click on "Add Transaction" you will be able to determine if you would like to credit or debit that customer. Then add in an amount, the date it is becoming active and a description about why that credit/debit is being applied.

Once your client is ready - you can select "Credit Balance Payment" from the dropdown.

Or if your client has a balance they would like to apply on their own, they also have this capability, which will now give them two options when clicking "Pay Now". If they do not have any credits on their account, it will have them pay directly through your payment processor.

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