Aryeo can be integrated with payment processors like Stripe or Square to enable payment collection for orders in your account. Any time an order is added to a listing, the content will be locked prior to payment collection unless otherwise set.

Payment Settings

Update your payment settings to lock content on delivery or allow clients to pay whenever there is an outstanding balance.

  • No = Lock content until payment is completed

  • Yes = Enabling this will allow your customers to pay for an order whenever there is an outstanding balance, regardless of whether the order is fulfilled or not.

Automatic Payment Collection

With a payment gateway like Stripe or Square connected you are able to automatically collect payment from clients in a number of ways, defined by your group.

  • Option 1 - Payments can be collected upfront when a new order is placed. The system can be set to collect full or partial payment at the time the client goes to submit a new order.

  • Option 2 - Payment can be collected at the time the listing media is shared/delivered with the client. As long as the listing has an order associated to it, the client will be prompted to complete payment prior to downloading the content.

Manual Payment Collection

You can also collect payments on client orders manually by clicking the Collect Payment button in the Payment Summary section of an order. Clicking “Collect Payment” will show you two options in a dropdown:

  • Pay via Credit Card: When clicked, the user will be redirected to the traditional stripe checkout page where credit card details can be entered and submitted for payment collection on orders.

  • Collect Manual Payment: When clicked, a modal opens that lets the user enter:

    • Payment Method (from select)

    • Amount

    • Date

This is helpful for situations where a client calls you over the phone to place a new order and you wish to collect payment on the spot.

We understand customers like to pay in all kinds of different formats allowing your group to record payments that were made outside of the payment gateway integrated with Aryeo. Select the "Collect Manual Payment" option and then specify the payment Collection Source. Enter the amount paid, and the date payment was collected and save the changes for your records!

Manually Collect Payment Deposits

In use cases where you may receive a new client order via text or email and typically require payment or deposit upfront to confirm the appointment, there are ways to manually collect payment on new orders taken outside of the online order form.

Every order will have a unique Public Invoice URL that can be accessed and shared with clients. Open any order and look to the right for the Public Invoice/Receipt button.

Note: in order to enable payment collection on unfulfilled orders be sure to update the default payments settings in your account here.

  • Allow Payments Before Orders Are Fulfilled = Yes

Public Invoice Summary Overview

The Invoice Summary Page is a public link that is accessible by you and your clients. Clients will see the summary page upon checking out from the online order form or if you share the link with them directly by text or email. The invoice order summary page is a visual representation of all the order an appointment details included on this clients order with you.

  • The Order Fulfillment status indicates if the order has been fulfilled or not at the time of viewing the invoice summary. The order fulfillment status changes by either delivering the listing or manually updating the order status to Fulfilled on the order.

  • The Order Payment status indicates whether or not the order is awaiting payment completion or if it is Paid.

The Order Summary section is an overview of the order details including the customer name and email, appointment address, order items, and an order total.

The Payment Summary section at the bottom is a breakdown of the order subtotal, taxes, and fees (optional) for this order.

If there is an outstanding balance on the order and your account settings allow for payments before order fulfillment, clients will have the option to complete payment right from this page!

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