We have made some exciting changes to how we handle payments on orders. Now, Aryeo will always charge the outstanding balance on the order whenever accepting a new payment from a customer. Watch this quick video or read below to learn more!

Payment Status

The first change is on the order index page is a new payment flag for partially paid orders. There are 3 different payment statuses that can be seen here:

  • Paid

  • Unpaid

  • Partially paid

Order Balances

Open the order to see a new Payment Summary section located below the order items. The Payment Summary is a new section on the order page that unifies the order payments and marks orders as paid to bring it all together in one place.

At the very top of this section, the subtotal listed and the net total will be listed here. We'll list out all the payments that have been made on this order and show them deducting from the order total to give you a final outstanding balance.

When your customer pays for an order form upfront or from downloading content, those payments will automatically show up in this section. The summary will inform you on helpful details like how the payment was collected, when it was collected, and the total that was collected.

This is helpful for situations where you may have already collected payment upfront for the order, but the client has requested to add additional services to the order increasing the order total and leaving an unpaid balance. Now, you can add the additional item(s) to the existing order and collect payment for the outstanding balance on order fulfillment.

Payment Collection

You can also now collect these payments manually by clicking the Collect Payment button with a dropdown. Clicking “Collect Payment” will show you two options in a dropdown:

  • Pay via Credit Card: When clicked, the user will be redirected to the traditional stripe checkout page.

  • Collect Manual Payment: When clicked, a modal opens that lets the user enter:

    • Payment Method (from select)

    • Amount

    • Date

This is helpful for situations where a client calls you over the phone to place a new order and you wish to collect payment on the spot.

Payment Collection Source

We understand customers like to pay in all kinds of different formats and now, it's even easier to record payments that were made outside of the Aryeo payment gateway. Select the "Collect Manual Payment" option and then specify the payment Collection Source. Enter the amount paid, and the date payment was collected for your records!

We hope you find these solutions helpful and would love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback!

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