Aryeo makes it easy to add orders and collect payment on listing deliveries. In this lesson we will review connecting your Stripe account, creating products, adding an order to a listing, and finally collecting payment!

Stripe or Square can be integrated with the Aryeo system to process customer payments. In this guide, we’ll start by connecting Stripe or Square in the Aryeo App store. Connecting a payment gateway makes it easy for your customers to place orders online and ensure you get paid by locking the ability to download content prior to completing payment.

Connect Stripe or Square

Head to the app store to connect a payment gateway!

Create Products

Now that we've got a payment gateway connected, it's important to create Products that can be added to orders for listings. Click on Products on the left side bar to get started. There are two types of products in the system. There are main products and add on products. Main products are going to be products like HDR Photography, Videos, & more. Add on products are usually things like Twilight Photography or Virtual Staging. For a more detailed overview on building Products in Aryeo, click here for the full guide.

Create an Order

A new order can be created and added to any listing. This guide will take you through the process of fulfilling an order by attaching it to a listing and sending a notification to your customer. There are two options to get started.

  1. If you already created a listing for this property and uploaded your content there, simply add a new section to the listing (located at the bottom of the page) and select Order.

  2. If you did not already create a listing, press the purple Next Step: Create Listing button in the upper-righthand corner. Simply choose your customer and select which type of content you would like to deliver. A new listing page will be generated for you, and you can upload content as you would in a normal listing.

Once you've created the order, begin adding items to the order!

Custom Items

Custom line items can also be added to orders. Open the order and select the Custom Item option. Add the custom item name, the price, and the quantity and save.

Collect Payment

Adding an order to your listing will lock the ability for the customer to download content prior to completing payment. When you deliver the listing to the customer and they click the link to download they will be promoted with a notification that payment is required in order to download the content.

When the customer enters the download center they can preview the content that has been shared with them and also where they will be able to make a payment. There will be a Pay Now flag at the top of the page where the customer can easily plug in their credit card information and complete the payment online.

The image thumbnails are available for preview however when the image is opened they'll see the Preview Only watermark on the image and ability to right click to download has been disabled. This is a great way to ensure that you get paid on time and provide an easy and efficient experience for your customers.

Learn more about Orders & Payment Collection

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