In this lesson you’ll learn how to create your first listing on Aryeo and upload different types of real estate content. This is the core functionality of the Aryeo Platform. Feel free to watch the video or read through the content sections below!

First, we'll want to create a new customer in the customer center! Select the Customers tab and then Click + Add Agent at the top right to add the customer. Enter the name, email, phone number, and company name. There is also the option to add a customer profile image and logo. The customer can always update their information in their own accounts later!

Now that we have the customer has been created, we are ready to create a new listing! To get started, click the purple +Listings in the upper left hand corner. That will bring up a simple window where you can enter the address of the property that you are shooting, add the customer you've just created, and then select the different types of content you will be uploading for this listing. Remember, this can always be updated later!

- Watch this quick video overview


Now, let's walk through adding content to this listing beginning with images. Look for the Images section and click Add to upload your photos. Cut down on post-processing time by uploading your highest resolution images and Aryeo will automatically resize a second set that has been compressed down to size that is Web/MLS Compliant. Our uploader also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, and a dozen other file sharing sites. Once your images have been uploaded hit Save!


Next, scroll down to the Videos tab and click Add to upload your video. Here, enter the video's title and specify if you would like to display it as branded, unbranded, or both. If you are uploading a video using a link, choose Link Video and copy your link into the link field. If you are uploading a video file, select Upload File and then choose a file. Once the video has been uploaded, hit save video and the content will be added to your listing page.

3D Content

Aryeo supports Matterport, iGuide, and all other 3D providers and adding 3D content is easy! Click Add on the 3D content section to get started. Next, insert the link for your 3D content and specify if you would like branded, unbranded, or both types to be displayed. Select Add Content and press Save in the tab to update your changes. Your 3D tour will now be available on your Property Website.

Delivering your listing

Sharing your first listing with a customer on Aryeo is an exciting moment and it's a super simple process that takes just two clicks. The property will be shared via email. There is a default email template that will pull in property details and content links for customer easy access that can be edited if desired. Once the email looks good and you are ready to share it with the customer, click Deliver at the bottom of the email.

- Watch this quick video overview

Aryeo Download Center

The download center is the central location for your customers to view and download all the content you've created for them for a property. You can access this by going to the download button at the top right corner of the listing. This is the view your agents will see. They can switch between the tabs to view the different types of content and download them. They can also download all of the content into one simple zip file by clicking the download button at the top right corner. This is super useful for your agents and provides them a simple separate landing page where they can access all of the content.

- Watch this quick video overview

Congratulations! You've shared your first listing!

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