Property Websites

One of the most popular forms of marketing content on the Aryeo platform are Property Websites. Property websites are a great way to showcase the content that you have created for this listing and a great thing to offer to agents! Property sites are an overlooked way to grow the marketing of your business.

Property websites are fully customizable with our interactive property website builder. Launched right from your dashboard, creating customer property websites for your customers is a breeze. Your customers also have the ability to customize the website after it has been shared with them.

In this lesson, we'll explore the property website builder in detail. Click the purple Editor button to on the Property Websites section to open the websites builder to get started. This will launch the interactive property website builder.

There is a full preview of your property website. Switch the display type between desktop and mobile to preview the website view on multiple devices. On the left you will find all types of settings that can be customized on the website.

Under the Settings tab, you can change the theme, font, colors, and SEO settings for your website. We have pre-set themes available to easily change the layout or you can create your own theme.

Under the Sections tab, you have the ability to access settings for each section of content on your website. Click on the section you would like to edit and an options bar will populate. To reorder sections as they appear on your website, click and drag them in the sidebar using the icon to the left of the section name.

On the right side of the screen, you have a live view of how your website will appear to viewers. Toggle between Branded and Unbranded versions using the option bar and switch between mobile and desktop view to see how your site will look on different platforms.

Once you have finished designing your property site, simply press save and exit in the top right corner and your changes will appear.

At Aryeo, we provide links for both Branded and Unbranded property websites. The difference between these two link types is how much information is shown.

Branded Property Website:

Includes listing agent contact information (such as name, phone, email, and website), Agent photo and logo (if these have been uploaded to your Aryeo account), property headlines and links to the property information.

Unbranded Property Website:

Most MLS providers do not allow agent or company branding within the individual tours that are uploaded to the MLS. The unbranded property website does not include any listing agent contact information to comply with MLS requirements. It does include property headlines and links to the property information and content.

Property Website Default Settings

Once you've got a sense of the look and feel you like for the websites you can set them as defaults in your account settings! Here you can set your companies default templates that will be applied when creating new property websites. Once the defaults have been set click save!

Now every future listing created will be automatically set to these defaults - no editing required!

Marketing Materials

We're excited to introduce an all new Marketing Center. This is a powerful tool for creators and agents alike, to produce stunning marketing materials, from flyers and postcards to social post and digital ads. Watch this quick overview to learn more!

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