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What is the difference between Branded and Unbranded links?
What is the difference between Branded and Unbranded links?

Learn what links to share on the MLS and which to use on Social Media and other marketing sites.

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If you’re a real estate agent who uses virtual tours to promote your listings, then you know that, depending upon where you’re posting, you may or may not be able to include your branding and contact information on your materials. On the multiple listing service (MLS) you need to forgo branding. However, when posting to your own website, social media, YouTube, and other sites, you’ll definitely want to include contact information so potential clients know how to reach you.

At Aryeo, we provide links for both Branded and Unbranded property websites. The difference between these two link types is how much information is shown.

Branded Property Website:

Includes listing agent contact information (such as name, phone, email, and website), Agent photo and logo (if these have been uploaded to your Aryeo account), property headlines and links to the property information.

Sharing the Branded site to social media can do wonders for getting found by potential clients in search results. Branded websites consistently drive traffic to your listings and other parts of your site.

See how to share the Branded Property Website to Facebook here.

Unbranded Property Website:

Most MLS providers do not allow agent or company branding within the individual tours that are uploaded to the MLS. The unbranded property website does not include any listing agent contact information to comply with MLS requirements. It does include property headlines and links to the property information and content.

Link to these dedicated property websites in your marketing materials to maximize your property views and increase your online brand.

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