Aryeo uses the default payment processing gateway set in the Aryeo Account > Payment Settings for billing clients during order checkout. Stripe is one of the payment processing gateways that can be connected to Aryeo to facilitate the order checkout process.

Storing Cards on File in Stripe

If you would like to store a clients card on file to process payments for Orders in the future you will need to add the customer and credit card information directly within the payment processor. In this case, Stripe.

Here is a link to the Stripe Documentation for storing credit cards on file: Saving cards

Collecting Payment on Aryeo Orders

Once the payment has been processed in Stripe for the customer, open the Aryeo order and locate the payment summary section. There is a "Collect Manual Payment" button in this section where we will update the order payment status.

Choose the Collect Manual Payment option from the dropdown menu where we will be to add the payment details for this order.

When clicked, a modal opens that will prompt us to enter the following information:

  • Payment Method: Choose Other since the card was processed in Stripe directly

  • Amount: Total amount the credit card was charged

  • Date: The date this action was preformed

Select the Save Changes button once the payment information has been entered. Now, the Aryeo Order is Paid for and is ready to be delivered to the client!

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