In this lesson, we will review scheduling an appointment on an order and syncing your calendar with Ayreo. To begin, click into an order and we'll do a quick review of this page.

On the order page in the upper right you'll see if the order is paid or unpaid, is the order fulfilled or unfulfilled. As you go down the page you'll see the items that belong to the order and any custom questions that were added to the order form.

Next, the appointment details can be located below the order items and total. Select Add New Appointment to create the new appointment. Input the date and time of the appointment and then set the time duration. Adding team members to the appointment ensures they receive the notification and gives them the ability to reschedule or cancel the appointment if needed. Keep the box checked to send an email notification to the customer and a copy to yourself. Click the Schedule button and that's it!

Email communications have been sent off to both teams and keeps everybody on the same page through the process.

Now that the appointment has been scheduled, we'll want to ensure that Stripe is connected and enabled to Aryeo. By connecting Stripe, it makes it easy for your customers to place orders and ensure you get paid by locking the ability to download content prior to completing payment.

In the second part of this lesson, we will review connecting your Stripe account!

To get started, let's connect Stripe to your Aryeo account by going to the App Store in Aryeo. From there, click the Stripe tile and connect Stripe. You'll get a pop-up to login or create an account. Enter your details or continue through the process of creating a new account. Once Stripe is connected, you'll see a green enabled flag on the app.

Aryeo offers integrations with popular calendar services such as Apple's iCal and Google Calendar. Always keep your personal calendar up to date with your Aryeo appointments by syncing it now.

Click on the Google/Apple calendar icon to get started. At a high level, what this does is create a calendar in your system that you're using will contain all of your appointments that are in your Aryeo schedule over on the left menu.

-Watch this video overview to learn how to sync your calendar!

Reach out to our support team if you have any questions!

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