Connecting a Microsoft (Exchange or Outlook) calendar to Aryeo. To get started, we recommend double checking you have the calendar permissions required to connect to Aryeo set prior to syncing through the app store.

Checking Permissions

In this example, we're looking at a Microsoft Outlook calendar. Open your calendar and expand the Calendar Settings. Next, select Shared Calendar to open the sharing permissions for this calendar. Example below.

Under Publish a Calendar, select the calendar you wish to connect to Aryeo and move to the next field. Here, expand the drop down and select "Can View All Details" as shown in the example below. When ready, select the publish button and we can move over to Aryeo to start the connection process.

Connecting the Calendar to Aryeo

Login to Aryeo and open the App Store where you'll then want to select the Calendar tile to start the connection process.

Note: It's important that the email you use for your Aryeo account matches the email you login to your calendar with!

Select Connect Calendar which will open a new page and prompt you to sign-in to your Microsoft account. Enter your password and select sign-in.

Next, you'll be redirected to the Calendar page in the system where you'll see a message in yellow that explains the syncing process may take a few moments to fetch the desired calendars. Wait a few seconds and refresh the page until you see a dropdown appear.

After refreshing the page and the dropdown appears, expand the dropdown and look for the Calendar you wish to use for Aryeo.

Note: Be sure not to select a Read Only Calendar.

Update the default calendar to sync real time availability and assigned appointments. These options are provided by the calendar system you enabled within the Aryeo app store.

Watch this step by step video overview:

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