In this video lesson we will review calendars and team availability. Your teams external calendars are used by the Aryeo scheduling system to determine when a photographer is available and if they have any blocks that should be accounted for. Our instant two way calendar sync ensures you will never be double booked again. The Aryeo Calendar allows admins and team members to see the day, the week, or a monthly calendar of events in one glance.

Watch Time: 5 min

This Video Covers:

  • Syncing an external calendar from the Aryeo App Store

  • Setting external calendar defaults

  • Aryeo Calendar Overview (two-way sync in action)

  • Team Availability Hours

Suggested Next Steps:

✅ Visit the app store and connect your Calendar

✅ Have team members connect their calendars

✅ Manage & visualize your team schedule with the Aryeo Calendar

✅ Set group and team members hours of availability

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