It's important to update the groups availability settings when using the Aryeo Scheduling system. Within availability settings you are able to set business hours, personal availability for team members, Twilight availability settings, and a home base for each team member. Below, we'll go through these settings in more detail.

To access the Availability settings page, open the Storefront and scroll down to the Availability section. Click on the Availability tile to begin.

Group Business Hours

Here you are able to set default working days and schedule for your entire group. These will be applied for all of your group members, though each team member can override these as needed.

Group Members' Availability

Manage the availability of each of the users part of your group here, including their home base location, scheduling settings, and overrides of your group's business hours. If you need to add to, remove from, or otherwise manage the full list your group's users, jump over to your settings here.

  • Note: this is an admin view available only to group owners. Other users part of your group who are not owners will instead only be able to update their own individual settings on this page.

Setting a Home Base

Click edit on the team member you wish to configure settings for to open their preferences page. Set the home base at the top of the page. This is where the team member will "start their day" for each business day. For some, that might be a home address, other's may start their day from the office. Setting a home base address here will help calculate drive times and travel buffers between confirmed appointments. Use the drop down to select the address you wish to use as the Home Base.

Schedule Settings

Set up team members schedule settings here. See a breakdown of the different settings below.

  • Set the Minimum Booking Notice for how much time in advance is needed for new appointments. Some might prefer a few hours notice, some might like a days notice.

  • Setting the Max Booking Days in Advance will determine how far out clients can book your services.

  • Dynamic Buffer Based On Travel Times - Coming Soon! Aryeo will take into account real-time travel durations between events if available. If not, Aryeo will use to the fallback buffer set below.

  • Minimum Buffer Between Events (in minutes) Set this minimum buffer duration between appointments. When dynamic travel times become available we will use the minimum buffer set here as a fallback if the system cannot identify an address for the appointment.

  • Minimize Gaps - Reduces or removes gaps between appointments on your calendar by only allowing new appointments adjacent to existing ones. If there are no existing appointments that day, all time slots will be available. As a heads up, enabling this might limit available appointment times to clients because the system is trying to reduce gaps.

Personal Hours (optional)

Set your working days and schedule. We'll use your team's business hours by default, but you can override these by setting your own personal hours here. This will override your group's default business hours and allow you to set your own personal availability hours.

Personal Twilight Availability (optional)

Set which days you'd like to support twilight shoots. We'll use your team's twilight settings by default, but you can override these by setting your own personal schedule here.

Note: we will always cross reference twilight availability with your calendar to ensure you aren't double booked.

Group Twilight Availability

Back on the group availability settings page, choose which days you would like your group to be available for twilight shoots. Note: the system will still cross-reference with your calendar availability, and users can choose their own individual days.

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