It's important to update the groups availability settings when using the Aryeo Scheduling system. Easily manage availability settings on the business and user level. Below, we'll go through the Availability Settings in more detail.

Locate the Availability settings under the Storefront section in the navigation menu on the left. Here you will find a When, a Where, and a Booking Options section.

When are you available?

When is your business available to provide service? In the When section you can set default business hours for your group and individual team members (overrides), Twilight availability preferences, and manage synced calendars.

Group Business Hours

Here you are able to set default working days and schedule for your entire group. These will be applied for all of your group members, though each team member can override these as needed.

User Business Hour Overrides

Your group's default business hours can be overridden for any individual user. If you need to add to, remove from, or otherwise manage the full list your group's users, jump over to your settings here.

  • Note: this is an admin view available only to group owners. Other users part of your group who are not owners will instead only be able to update their own individual settings on this page.

Twilight Availability

Set days of availability for twilight shoots. Group defaults will apply, though each user in your group can override these as needed. When enabled, users will be available for any twilight products outside of normal business hours..

Calendar Syncs

Manage the calendar sync of each of the users part of your group here. This calendar sync is used by the Aryeo scheduling system to determine when this user is available and if they have any blocks or other events that should be accounted for. Once an appointment is booked and assigned to a user, Aryeo will automatically push that event to this calendar as well.

Note: this is an admin view available only to users in your group with the availability management permission. Other users will only be able to update their own individual settings on this page.

Where does your group provide services?

In the Where section within Availability settings you can set the Home Bases of your users which is used (when applicable) to calculate how far they need to travel to events and manage your groups service area(s) by creating Territories.

User Home Bases

Here you can set home base / office locations for each team member. The scheduling system calculates distance to appointments so it is important to set home bases for every team member who is available to service orders and appointments. To set a Home Base, open a team member and enter the address where this person starts and ends their day. Select the address from the dropdown or manually input the home address.

Note: this is an admin view available only to users in your group with the availability management permission. Other users will only be able to update their own individual settings on this page.


The Territories feature allows you to manage your businesses' service areas by creating geographic territories and assigning photographers to them. With geo aware routing, teams that span across states and timezones can all use one single branded order form to service clients. Learn how to create territories here.

Note: This feature is not recommended for creators servicing a single territory.

Note: Fee's are not associated to territories.

Booking Options

Based on when and where your users are available, what times should customers see when booking? And should they be able to reschedule or cancel after booking?

User Booking Limits

Your group's default booking limits can be overridden for any individual user. Click into any user to set limits on days in advance your users are available and adjust buffer time settings between their events.

Minimum Booking Notice - Set how much time in advance is needed for new appointments. Some might prefer a few hours notice, some might like a days notice.

Max Booking Days in Advance - Determine how far out clients can book your services.

Dynamic Buffer Based On Travel Times - On/Off Toggle

Aryeo will take into account real-time travel durations between events if available. If not, Aryeo will use to the fallback buffer set below.

  • Extra Buffer in Addition to Calculated Travel Time (in minutes)

  • Fallback Buffer Between Events (in minutes)

How It Works:

Travel time buffers will be used when two events have locations available, such as when calculating the travel time between two Aryeo appointments. However, if an event does not have a location (such as a block or external event from Google or Outlook calendar), Aryeo will fallback to this buffer time.

Minimize Gaps - On/Off Toggle

Reduces or removes gaps between appointments on your calendar by only allowing new appointments adjacent to existing ones. If there are no existing appointments that day, day, all timeslots will be available.

Be sure to click the Update Booking Limits button to save your settings preferences.

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