The Aryeo Order Form makes it super easy for clients to book services with your business. Multiple order forms, like a Residential and a Commercial for example, can be created within your account if needed.

Order Forms

Select the Order Forms option from the left navigation menu in the Storefront section.

Here, you can create a new Order Form, edit an existing form, or view any existing order forms. Existing Order Forms will specify this forms territory awareness, availability style, appointment assignment setting, appointment confirmation setting, and a public order form link. This link can be added to your website or shared privately with clients to place new orders. Open the Editor to customize the order form and its settings.

Order Form Details

Here, the order form settings can be customized and set to your businesses preference. Every business operates in their own way so we've made it easy to customize the order form settings to your business preferences.

General Settings

Set your Order Form basic configuration here. Give the Order Form a title. The title will only be visible to you and your team, not to clients. However, if you prefer to use an external Order Form (like Acuity for example) to collect new orders you can easily set that up by select the External Order Form checkbox! Learn more.

Preview Order Form

Here you can preview the order form and/or copy the publicly accessible link, great for linking or embedding on your business' website. Looking to embed the order form on your website? Learn more here. Click the View Order Form Button to preview the order form as your client would see it!


Customize the styling and appearance of your order form using our designer tool. A professional order form will impress your customers and give credibility to your business. Learn more about customizing the order form in the designer here.

Payment Settings

There are three available payment settings located directly on Aryeo Order Forms. This determines how payments are collected when clients place a new order from the online order form.

Here, specify if you would like to require payment upfront to submit new orders with your business from the online order form.

  • Require Full Payment Upfront - this requires the agent to make the full order total payment upon submitting the order. Learn more.

  • Require Partial Payment Upfront - this requires the agent to make payment on a set percentage of the order total. The remaining balance can be collected on delivery or anytime depending on the Account level Payment Settings preferences. Learn more.

  • Allow Placing Orders Without Payment - this will allow the client to place the order without having to make a payment at this time. Payment would be collected on delivery depending on the Account level Payment Settings preferences.

Be sure to click the Update Payment Settings button before moving to the next section.

Availability Settings

Order forms start by collecting an address from customers. After your group has configured your product and scheduling settings in Aryeo Storefront, that address can be used to filter offered products and available appointment times. Configure these settings here.

Use Territory Awareness?

When territory awareness in enabled, Aryeo will check if the address provided for an order is within your group's eligible territories. Only products provided by users part of an overlapping territory will be offered, and only those users can be assigned to an appointment. Update your group's territories here.

  • Yes, Enable Territory Awareness - This option automatically filters products and users that can be assigned to an appointment using your groups territories.

  • No, Disable Territory Awareness - This option will be disabled on the order form and will not filter eligible products and users for a new order using territories.

How would you like to display available times for customers?

Choose how to present available appointment times to customers. Dates and times are filtered down based on your group's availability settings (configure these settings under the availability page in the sidebar or click here.)

The two available time to display options available to choose from are:

  • Date and Time Picker (Recommended) - Using the slot duration setting below to space out available times, the customer can choose from available time slots throughout the day during business hours.

  • Date and Time of Day Picker (Morning / Afternoon / Twilight) - Customers can choose from 3 available options on the order form when scheduling; Morning, Afternoon, Twilight.

Time Slot Interval

How far apart do you want available times spaced out within a day? Time slot interval allows you to adjust how frequently available times are offered for customers to select.

For a time slot interval of 1 hour and a given day with business hours starting at 9:00 AM, the first 3 available times would be:

  • 09:00 AM

  • 10:00 AM

  • 11:00 AM

...and so on until the end of the business day.

Automatically assign an available user to an appointment?

How do you prefer your team members to be assigned to new appointments? Is your team heavily relationship based? Customer Choice would be good option here as it would allow the client to choose the team member they wish to work with on their new listing.

The two team member appointment assignment options are:

  • Automatic - Appointments are automatically assigned to a team member based on your assignment strategy (chosen below in the next step)

  • Customer Choice - Customers can choose which team member they would like for each new appointment of an order.

Appointment Confirmation

Do you want to sit back and relax while the system does the work or would you prefer more control over appointment confirmations? Set your appointment confirmation preference here. This can be updated at any time 😉

There are two appointment confirmation types available to choose from:

  • Immediate - This option will automatically confirm appointments on your calendar when your customer selects a time and places an order from the online order form.

  • Requires Your Confirmation - This option requires manually confirming appointments after your customer places an order. Think of this as an "appointment request".

Be sure to click the Update Scheduling Settings button before navigating away from this section or page.

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