What are Product Providers?

Every product built in the Aryeo Storefront contains a Product Provider section that allows you to indicate which members of your team can service this product for new appointments.

How are Product Providers used?

Main Products are the primary services you offer to clients. Each Main Product has a Product Provider section where you can select the team members that are able to provide this product for new appointments.


Let's say you have four members that can service a specific geographical area for new appointment requests. Each team member is capable of providing a variety of services and some aren't able to provide all services your business offers.

  • Chelsea and Todd and both provide Video Services. Taylor and Jake cannot.

  • On the Interior Videography Product in my Storefront, I want to select Todd and Chelsea as product provider for this product.

  • I want to be sure Todd and Chelsea are assigned to their appropriate territories.

  • We want to be sure the Home Base is set for both Todd and Chelsea.

  • Now, when a client goes to order the Interior Videography product, the scheduling system will know that Chelsea and Todd are both able to service this new appointment request.

Aryeo Scheduling

The Aryeo Scheduling System will look at a number of different settings to show clients real time availability on the online order form.

  • Appointment Address Location

  • Users assigned to the Territory the appointment is located in (if using the territories feature)

  • Availability hours to determine the users availability to service the appointment request

  • Product providers for selected items in the cart to determine which team members are capable of servicing the appointment.

  • Home base calculates distance to appointment and is used for Travel Fees (if used)

  • Other order form settings, like user assignment for example, is the final step in determining user availability.

If something looks off on the order form, checking the settings on the listed items above will be helpful for troubleshooting.

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