The Territories feature allows you to manage your businesses' service areas by creating geographic territories and assigning photographers. With geo aware routing, teams that span across states and timezones can all use one single branded order form to service clients.

Note: This feature is not recommended for creators servicing a single territory.

Create a New Territory

To get started, open the Aryeo Storefront and locate the Territories tile listed in the menu options. This will open a blank page with a button to "Create New Territory" - Click that button to get started.

Territory Instructions

  1. Step 1: Use the interactive map above to draw your territory. First click the polygon tool, and then place waypoints on the map. To complete your territory, click your first waypoint.

  2. Step 2: Complete the form below the map with a name, color, and users.

  3. Step 3: Save your changes

In the example below, we have created two territories to service two different locations. One team member covers the Southern Mass territory, and the other two cover the Rhode Island Territory.

Once territories have been created, geo-aware routing checks whether a listing's address is within your group's eligible territories. If so, a team member part of that territory will be assigned to the appointment to fulfill those services.

Travel Fee's

Travel fee's can be also be enabled for your business. To set up travel fee's, please refer to this article to learn more.

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