We're excited to announce we have launched a new feature allowing group owners to set team member level permissions providing more granular control for teams. Aryeo now supports robust permissions to help manage what certain team members do and do not have access to.

To review and set team member permissions open the account Settings and select the Team section.

Next, click edit on the team member whose permissions you want to control.

Scroll down to the permissions section!

You will now see an in depth permission management section. Here, you can control the access this team member has to your account and business.

Want to limit whether this team member has access to view all of your orders? Not a problem! Simply uncheck the "view all" box under the order permissions section. This will hide all orders the team member is not assigned to an appointment on, and hide all listings which has an order the team member is not assigned to an appointment on.

Add all of your team members to your Aryeo account, while being in complete control of your businesses content!

Watch this video for a more in depth overview!

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