Aryeo allows you to invite team members to join your account and provides the ability to limit what each team member can access. Watch this quick video or read through the content below to learn all about Team Management with Aryeo.

Adding a team member to your account is super easy. Once invited to join, each member of your team will be able to access the business account with their own unique login. To get started, head over to your account settings and look for the Team option and open the team settings.

In Team settings you will be able to add your team members by entering the name and email of the team member and click "Add." They will receive an email inviting them to complete their account. Once part of your team, they'll have full access to all of your listings and content. This is great for assistants, marketing admins, or back office staff.

Team Notifications

Notification settings put you in total control over who receives which notifications on your team. For each notification type - found in the Notifications page of your Settings - you'll be able to specify which team members you would like subscribed.

This nuanced control allows you to specify all, select, or no members for every notification type. We hope this update makes managing your team with the Aryeo ordering and scheduling a breeze, with true control over who receives what.

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