New appointments can easily be created created in Aryeo. A new appointment can be created from the Aryeo Calendar or from the Orders & Appointments index page.

The Orders & Appointments index page has a column for users to easily view all order information including ID #, Address, Customer, Order Total, Payment Status, Fulfillment Status, and Appointment information.

The "Appointments" column will show all appointments on the order. Here are the various statuses:

  • Unscheduled - this appointment needs to be scheduled/confirmed

  • Purple Date - this is an upcoming appointment

  • Gray Date - this was a past appointment

Let's walk through an example of creating a new order with an appointment. Click the "Create Order" button to get stared. Orders will be attached to a listing to help collect payment. Creating the order and appointment together is the recommended way to. begin.

A new order modal will appear where you can begin to input the order information. Start by entering the listing address and then add the products ordered by the client. Custom items can be added in this view if needed.

Next, add the customer to the right of the address. Below the customer, add the team member who will be servicing the appointment. Maybe that's yourself or another team member. Add order notes if applicable. (Note these are private and can only be seen by your team members)

Finally, choose the date and time for the appointment on the left. The duration will automatically update as products are added, but you can always manually change the appointment duration here if needed. Once the information has been completed, select "Create Appointment"

The client and the assigned team member will get an email notification that the appointment has been scheduled. 👍 If the team member has their calendar synced to Aryeo, the appointment will automatically show up on the external calendar upon sending the confirmation.

Visit the Aryeo Calendar to see the event or create another new appointment! View the calendar by day, week, month, or in a list view. Toggle team members on and off to preview their schedules and/or add new appointments.

When you click on the event, a modal will appear on the screen with the order and appointment information. This is great for the field team to review on the go!

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