To view an order and/or appointment that has been placed with your photographer, login to your customer portal and open the Orders menu. Here, you'll find a list of all previous orders that were placed with your photographer. Click the eye icon on any order to open it and view the order details.

Viewing Orders

The Order number and items will visible at the top of the order page. To the right, you'll see your listing agent profile information and the property address associated with the order.

As you scroll down the order further, you'll find the Payment Summary section where order payment information will be displayed. If the order is awaiting payment, you can complete payment upon Order Fulfillment by the photographer.

Below the Payment Summary you will find the Appointment Information if an appointment was scheduled on this order. Information like Appointment start time, date, duration, and the photographer name who will be servicing the Order.

Rescheduling Appointments

Some photographers will allow clients to reschedule appointments. To reschedule an appointment, click the Reschedule button on the Appointment information card. You will be brought to a new calendar page where you can select a new appointment date and time based on what the photographer has available.

An appointment rescheduled notification will be sent upon confirming the new appointment date and time details. From the email notification, you will be able to add the new appointment directly to your calendar.

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