In some cases you might have two or more appointments that are associated with a single order. Good examples would be scheduling a separate appointment for twilight shoots or scheduling two team members to go out at different times to service different products like 3D and standard photography.

Start by opening the order the requires multiple appointments. If you need to schedule the second appointment, go ahead and do that now by scrolling to the bottom of the the order.

Now that we have two appointments on the order we can assign the items to the appropriate appointment with the team member intended to service each portion of the order. Every line item on the order can be assigned to an appointment by turning on the "Editing Mode" toggle.

Once in "Editing Mode" click the dropdown arrow on any line item to switch the appointment time. In the example above, we are setting the Twilight line item to the 4:00pm appointment.

Switch the toggle off after reviewing the information and the order and appointments are good to go!

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