Sometimes there might a time where you may need to add a second order to a listing. An example of this might be a two part shoot, one for the interior photos and another trip for the exterior. No sweat!

Part 1

Create the listing and add the order. Now, you'll want to make sure when you are creating the first order to only add the items that apply to the first portion of the order/project. Share the listing with the customer when you are ready!

Part 2
Once you have completed the second part of the project, open the listing again and scroll down to the bottom where you see the dotted line option that reads "Add New Section." Click that option and choose "New Order."

This will now add a second order to the listing. Add the items to the order and Save. Click 'view listing' to get back to the previous page. You'll now see the two orders on the listing, one in green which indicates it has been paid for, and one in red which indicates payment is still pending. When ready, re-share the listing to the customer with the new order and the new media content to fulfill the second part of the order.

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