With Aryeo, you can easily place an order on behalf of your customer a couple different ways. Let's walk through those options below.

Create New Order

Orders can be attached to a listing to help collect payment. You can also create orders with appointments to help with scheduling. A new order can be created from scratch or with an appointment attached by clicking the Create Order button at the top of the lefthand navigation menu.

Create Order with Appointment

This is the best option to choose when creating a new order with an appointment at the same time. When this option is selected an appointment creation window will pop up where we can input both the order and the appointment information at the same time.


Select the date and then update the appointment time and duration. For larger teams that schedule across multiple timezones, the timezone can be updated to reflect the location/time of the appointment.

Next, enter the Address of the appointment and select it from the dropdown menu. To add items to the order, search through your product list or add a custom item. Add as many items as needed here!

Last, enter the customer name to associate the client with this order. Then select the team member that will be servicing the appointment. Order notes can be added for your team members like entry details and other important information. These notes are private and cannot be seen by your clients.

Keep the send notification box checked to ensure your client receives the appointment notification. If you wish to void the appointment confirmation email being sent, simply uncheck the box and select Create Appointment.

Once created you will be brought to the order page where you can take further actions like collecting payment or creating the listing to upload media.

Create Order From Scratch

Need to create an order that doesn't have an appointment associated with it? Use this option to create a new order on behalf of your customer. This will give you a blank order page to update as needed.

The Order Settings can be adjusted to update fulfillment status, allow downloads and other various order settings. Use the Add Items option to search through your product list and select items to include on the order. You can also create Custom Items if you don't have a product built for the order. Use the Set Custom Tax Rate option to add a custom tax line item to the order (optional).

Once created you'll need to create the listing in order to add an appointment or to attach the order to a new listing. Enter the address of the property and select the content sections to include in the listing.

Now, an appointment can be added to the order or the media can be uploaded and shared with the client. Depending on the preferences that were set in the Order Settings, the client will be prompted to complete payment prior to download if locked. If the order is unlocked but has a balance, the client will be able to download their content and pay at their leisure.

Use the Aryeo Order Form

You can go through the steps on your order just as the client does to place an order on their behalf. Access the order form from the Aryeo Storefront or by going to wherever you have the order form linked on your site to begin.

Complete the address information on step 1, select your products on step 2, choose the appointment date and time and pause at step 4.

When you reach the Contact section on step 4, if you are logged into Aryeo, our system knows that you are filling out the form for someone else. Simply choose the customer from your list of existing customers and they will be assigned to this order as if they had completed it themselves.

Step 5 will the the order summary review where you can submit the order on behalf of your client. Open the Orders & Appts menu to see the new order & appointment.

Payment Collection

You can easily collect payments manually by clicking the Collect Payment button within the Payment Summary section of an order. Clicking “Collect Payment” will show you two options in a dropdown:

  • Pay via Credit Card: When clicked, the user will be redirected to the traditional stripe or square checkout page. (This depends on the payment gateway connected in your account settings)

  • Collect Manual Payment: When clicked, a modal opens that lets the user enter:

    • Payment Method (cash, check, venmo, Paypal, Quickbooks, etc)

    • Amount

    • Date

This is helpful for situations where a client calls you over the phone to place a new order and you wish to collect payment on the spot.

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