Aryeo offers a simple interface for your clients to pay for orders and will unlock the content immediately after the payment is processed. Deliver your content, collect payment prior to download, and protect your visual media with Aryeo.

How do I lock content downloads before collecting payment?

The simplest answer is to add an Order to the listing. Adding an Order to any listing with an unpaid balance will lock content downloads until payment is received. To add an order to a listing, click the Order button under the Quick Actions options at the top of the listing edit page (see example below).

This will add an Order section to this listing. Click View on the Order section to build the order. If you have a product list built in the Storefront already, you can easily select products from your list in Aryeo to add to the order.

If you haven't built products yet, don't worry! We can add custom items to this order to ship it to the customer quickly. Choose the Custom Item option on the order to start adding items to the order. Give the item a Name, a Price, and a Quantity, then save. Create as many custom items as needed!

Once the Items have been added to the Order, click the View Listing button to go back to the listing edit page. Now, we're ready to deliver the listing to the customer with the content locked prior to collecting payment on the order!

Sharing the Listing

Sharing the listing with the client will add a Pay Now flag to the Listing Edit Page and to the Download center making it easy for your client to complete payment on the order and unlock their content for downloads!

Click the Share button at the top right of the Listing Edit Page to deliver the listing and order to the client. They will be provided a link to the download center, property websites, and will receive an account activation email if they have not activated their account already.

Watermarks & Paywalls

Once the listing has been delivered, the client will see a Pay Now option in both the download center and the listing edit page.

For any listing that contains an order with an outstanding balance, Property Websites will sit behind a paywall prompting the client to complete payment before they can view the site!

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 1

Images will have Watermarks on listings that contain an order with an outstanding balance.

Right clicking on images is also prevented, regardless of an outstanding order balance. Images and other media should be downloaded with the Download button for best results.

Unlocking Downloads

Upon clicking the Pay Now button they will brought to a checkout page where they can enter credit card information and complete payment for the order. Once payment has been completed, the content will automatically unlock making it available to download.

Note: The client does not need to create an account in order to complete payment

Back on the Orders page in your account you will see that the Order has been Paid for. To enable payment notifications, login to your payment gateway provider (Stripe or Square) to enable payment notifications.

Content Locking Settings

Download locking preferences can be set and customized in a number of different ways, but the main way to ensure your content is locked before collecting payment is by adding an Order to your listing.

Click the button below to review the different Content Locking settings available in the Aryeo system.

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