Payments settings can be adjusted in within Account Settings > Payment Settings. We're excited to introduce new payment default settings available at the group or customer level 🙌

Payment Gateway

Update the default payment processor used for billing clients during order checkout. Stripe and Square are the current available payment processing options.


Update your default currency, used when processing order payments. Note: If you don't see your currency listed in the dropdown menu please reach out to [email protected] and let us know! We should be able to easily add it to the list.

Payment Settings

Update your payment settings to lock content on delivery or allow them to pay whenever whenever there is an outstanding balance.

  • No = Lock content until payment is completed

  • Yes = Enabling this will allow your customers to pay for an order whenever there is an outstanding balance, regardless of whether the order is fulfilled or not.

Customer Download Payment Setting - NEW!

There is a need for even more fine tuned control over payment settings at the customer level. Perhaps you have a couple key customers that you’re okay allowing downloads for, but others they want downloads without payment restricted.

To support this, we have added a second payment setting at the customer level from the customer profile. By default, we’ll use the groups default. Available options to set at the customer level are:

  • Use Group Default (default)

  • Lock Downloads Until Orders Are Paid

  • Allow Downloads For Unpaid Orders

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