Payments can be collected a number of ways and at various times on the Aryeo system. Before adjusting payment settings on the Aryeo Order Form, we would suggest setting your general account payment settings preferences here first.

The Aryeo Order Form has additional payment settings that can be enabled to determine if and how payment should be collected when placing new orders with your business.

Where do I enable Order Form Payment Settings?

Open any existing order form and scroll down to the order form settings. Under the Payment Settings section you'll find three options available to specify if you'd like to require payment upfront on the Aryeo Order Form.

Order Form Payment Settings

There are three available payment settings located directly on Aryeo Order Forms. This determines how payments are collected when clients place a new order from the online order form.

  • Require Full Payment Upfront - this requires the agent to make the full order total payment upon submitting the order.

  • Require Partial Payment Upfront - this requires the agent to make payment on a set percentage of the order total. The remaining balance can be collected on delivery or anytime depending on the Account level Payment Settings preferences.

  • Allow Placing Orders Without Payment - this will allow the client to place the order without having to make a payment at this time. Payment would be collected on delivery depending on the Account level Payment Settings preferences.

Require Partial Payment Upfront

The Upfront Payment Percentage can be defined to determine the percentage of the order that is collected upfront.


The default upfront percentage is set to 50% but can be adjusted to the percentage of your choice!

What happens if I need to add new items to the order?

Aryeo will always charge the outstanding balance on the order once the order has been fulfilled. Learn more.

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