Aryeo offers a simple interface for your clients to pay for orders and will unlock the content immediately after the payment is processed. Download locking preferences can be set and customized in a number of different ways throughout the system that we will review here.

Group Default Download Settings

In the Group Default Download Settings, you can set the group default settings to control if you require payment on orders before content downloads are enabled.

Lock Downloads Before Payment?

  • Yes - Downloads will be locked until orders are Paid

  • No - Downloads will be unlocked by default making content downloadable at any time

Account Default Payment Settings

To set the account default preference open your Account Settings and locate the Payment Settings section. Do you prefer to collect payment on delivery or do you prefer to get paid upfront?

The default payment settings on the account level determines whether or not agents can complete payment on UNFULFILLED Orders. An Unfulfilled order is a listing that has not been delivered yet, but contains an order.

  • NO means clients cannot make a payment until the order is fulfilled/delivered.

  • Yes means the client can complete payments on orders at anytime, regardless of the fulfillment status.

How do I lock content downloads before collecting payment?

The simplest answer is to add an Order to the listing. Adding an Order to any listing with an unpaid balance will lock content downloads until payment is received. To add an order to a listing, click the Order button under the Quick Actions options at the top of the listing edit page (learn more).

Order Settings

By default, any listing that has an order will be locked prior to payment collection. Sometimes, users may want to disable the download locking mechanism for a specific client or order.

This can be done directly in the order settings of the order attached to the listing. Open the Order Settings and update the Download Locking setting to "No - Allow Downloads" to unlock the content for this order.

Customer Download Settings

Photographers might have a group of clients that they prefer to bill monthly or differently than agents who normally would pay per listing. For this use case, the download locking preferences can be adjusted on the customer level directly from their customer profile.

  • Use my groups default download settings - every customer will be set to this option by default unless manually updated. Whatever the groups preferences are set as, the customers will be the same.

  • No, always allow this customer to download content even if an order has not been paid for - This can be set to always allow this customer to download content regardless of payment and group default settings.

  • Yes, require this customer to always pay for an order in full before downloading content - If a photographer does not require payment on delivery as the group default, this option can be set on the customer level to collect payment on delivery which is different from their group default settings.

Listing Settings

This is a helpful option for users who haven't integrated a payment gateway like Stripe or Square but wish to lock downloads prior to collecting payment. This is a MANUAL process, meaning you must come back into the listing and manually update the locking settings once payment has been collected.

This setting is located directly on the listing within the Listing Settings under the Quick Actions options. Note: This setting is not automated.

When allowed, Aryeo will also check whether any of this listings orders require payment. If they do, payment must be completed before downloads are allowed.

Switching this option to Disabled will lock downloads regardless or the order and payment status. Go back into the listing settings and switch it back to "Allowed" to unlock the content for your client to download.

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