Image files can have many naming convention styles. This determines how images file names are downloaded for a listing. In Aryeo, you can set the naming convention within the Account Settings > Downloading Settings section.

Select your default filename convention for when clients download images here.

  • Aryeo Recommended - This is the recommended naming convention option for the best client downloading experience. Images names will have a numerical count added to the beginning of the file name in the order the images are arranged to ensure a perfect downloading experience no matter what the original file name was.

    • Example: If you upload images like 123-Sunny-Ln-Exterior and 123-Sunny-Ln-Interior the downloaded file name will look like:

      • 1-print-123-Sunny-Ln-Exterior

      • 2--print-123-Sunny-Ln-Interior

      • and so on....

  • Original File Name - This option will keep the original file name the image was uploaded as. Be careful not to upload an image with a duplicate file name as the first image will override the second image when the client downloads.

    • Example: If you upload two image files each named image.jpg, only one copy will download for the client because the name is overridden in the download process.

  • Address Based File Names - This option will download the images in the order they are arranged by address name no matter what the original file name was.

    • Example: If I'm downloading images from 123 Main Street the images will be downloaded in order as they are arranged with a number in front of the street address. 1-print-123-main-st, 2-print-123-main-st, 3-print-123-main-st and so on.

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