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Custom Size Images for Download
Custom Size Images for Download

Learn how to set custom sizes on Images for download!

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Image Sizes

Whatever image size is originally uploaded by the photographer will be downloadable as the "print" quality images. Aryeo will compress the Print quality images down to a size that is compatible with most MLS systems. The Web / MLS quality images will be resized to 2048 x 1536 pixels tall.

In the rare case your local MLS requires smaller (or larger) images, Aryeo has a custom image sizing feature where you can set the image dimensions for the required size.

This can be achieved by opening a listing and visiting the download center. Here, you'll have a dropdown beneath the images section where you can plug in your custom image size dimensions.

Be sure to uncheck the Print Quality and the Web / MLS Quality options and select the box next to Custom Sized Images to download the custom image set. Once you have added the correct image size dimensions click the Download Images option.

Watch this video for a walk through demonstration

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