Aryeo will take into account real-time travel durations between events if they are available when scheduling new appointments ensuring your team can get from one appointment to the next with ease.

Where do I enable Dynamic Buffer Based Travel Times?

To update dynamic travel buffers for your team members open the Availability option from the left navigation menu and then locate the Booking Limits section.

How It Works:

Toggle ON the Dynamic Buffer Based On Travel Times option to update the buffer settings. Travel time buffers will be used when two events have locations available, such as when calculating the travel time between two Aryeo appointments. However, if an event does not have a location (such as a block or external event from Google or Outlook calendar), Aryeo will fallback to the buffer time input here.

Fixed Minimum Buffer

If you prefer to control the buffer times set between appointments for your team members simply toggle the Dynamic Buffer Based On Travel Times feature OFF. When set to OFF, Aryeo will use the Minimum Buffer Between Events (in minutes) field to determine drive time buffers between two events.

A preview will be available to visualize the travel buffer between two scheduled Aryeo appointments or events.

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