The new interactive calendar view visualizes where any team member will be on any given time and day. Owners and admins can see the whole weeks schedule with one glance!

Team Calendar View

Our instant two way calendar sync ensures you will never be double booked again. Now you can easily visualize where any team member will be on any given time and day. View the calendar by the day, week, month or in a list view.

Team members each have an assigned color to help identify who is assigned to each event. Toggle team members on and off to see events assigned to them or not. You also have the option to toggle off/on travel buffer times.

If using the territories feature you can toggle off/on different territory views on the interactive calendar view.

Create a Time Block

Additionally, you can create new appointments or time blocks right from this view! Click the +Create button at the top right to create a new time block or switch to appointment to schedule a new appointment right in the interactive calendar.

Create a New Work Order

You can also create a new order and schedule an appointment all at once in the new interactive calendar. Watch the video below to see how it's done!

Together with our payments system this now creates an extremely powerful scheduling platform that lets you focus on your business, grow your team, and save dozens of hours on back-office work.

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