Some businesses may use set appointment time slots for client booking. Aryeo makes it easy to customize appointment time slot intervals to give you more control over how appointments can be booked by clients on a per order form basis. For example, you may wish to offer a 9am, an 11am, and 1pm appointments to your clients.

Open the order form and scroll down the page where you will see different order form settings that can be configured for this individual order form. Locate the Time Slot Interval section where will make our updates.

By default, the time slot interval will be set to 30 minutes. Let's update the interval to 2 hours. This will determine how far apart you wish available appointment times spaced out within a day. The preview will show you the time slot intervals that will be presented to the customer for them to select.

Be sure to save your changes before navigating away from this page. After saving, let's see how appointment time slot intervals appear on the order form. Scroll back up and click the + View Order Form Button to view the online order form.

Move through steps 1 and 2 until you get to step 3 for scheduling. Here, you will the appointment time slot interval settings we just set represented here for client booking.

Note: if an event already exists on the calendar during an available time slot the client will not be able to book that day/time unless another team member is available to service the appointment.

Does something look off? Be sure to check availability settings like business hours, home base, territories, etc. for each team member to ensure settings are enabled correctly.

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