Your calendar is used by the Aryeo scheduling system to determine when a photographer is available and if they have any blocks that should be accounted for.

Once an appointment is booked and assigned to a user, Aryeo will push that event directly to their connected calendar. Our instant two way calendar sync ensures you will never be double booked again.

The Aryeo Calendar allows admins and team members to see the day, the week, or a monthly calendar of events in one glance.

📆 Getting Started

To connect your calendar, please go to your Aryeo App Store and click on the "Aryeo Calendar" tile. This will give you a pop-up that will send you to your calendar provider and ask you to login.

We've added support for most major calendar providers:

  • Google Calendar

  • Microsoft Exchange


  • Yahoo Calendar

  • AOL

After clicking the Calendar tile you will be prompted to enter your email.

Please note: It is important to use a calendar that is connected to the email you use for your account.

Next you will be prompted to choose an account to connect with Aryeo Scheduling. Be sure to choose the account that matches the one you use for Aryeo.

The next step in the syncing process is to grant Aryeo permission to access your calendar. It is important to grant ALL requested permissions in order to connect the calendar and sync it properly. Click "Allow" to move to the next step.

From here you will be taken to the Default Calendar Sync page. Hang tight for a minute while the system scaffolds out your integration and fetches your available calendars. This may take a moment, so feel free to refresh your page after a minute or so.

The available calendars that are provided are via your user's calendar provider integration. Click the drop down list to choose an available calendar to sync your Aryeo account with. Set the default calendar to sync real time availability and assigned appointments. These options are provided by the calendar provider integration you enabled within the Aryeo app store. This will be the Default Calendar you want appointments in Aryeo to be synced with.

That's it! Going forward, all new appointments will be sent directly to your calendar. If you reschedule or cancel an appointment, those details will be sent in real time as well.

Note: Only new appointments will show on the calendar. If you add the calendar and do not see any appointments, create a new appointment and see it added to your calendar instantly!

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