In this guide, we'll show you how to showcase all the services that you provide by creating products for your customers to choose from!

First, start by heading to the Products tab on your navigation bar.

This tab will show you all products that you have created in our system, whether or not they are displayed on your Order Form.

TIP: Once you have created your products, head to this screen at any time to rearrange the order they will appear on your Order Form by pressing the Rearrange option in the upper-righthand corner.

To create a product press the + New Product button in the upper-righthand corner.

Now let's fill in the details of your product in a few simple steps.

Start by adding a title and description to your product so that your customer can identify the service offered.

Next, specify whether this product will have one price across all properties or if you would like to tier the pricing. Tiered pricing is useful if you want to set different rates on content for larger properties, for example.

If you are creating a single product, simply select the Single Product option and enter your price in the box below.

For tiered pricing, select the Tiered Product option. Specify how you would like to divide your prices. Then, press Add Variant to add a pricing tier and enter in your chosen specifications.

TIP: Ensure that the pricing tiers do not overlap. For example, if your first tier covers properties from 0-2000 square feet, ensure that the next tier begins at 2001 square feet.

Now, specify whether you would like this product to appear as a Main Product or as an Add-On to another product. If you choose to attach an add-on to a Main Product, the add-on will only appear as an option on your order form if the customer selects the Main Product that it is associated with. You also have the option to simply keep the Add-On visible on the Order Form without attaching it to a Main Product.

Last, choose if you would like this product to be live on your order form. Simply check or uncheck the box when you would like to change the status of this product. This, along with any other specification covered in this guide, can be changed at any point.

Advanced Settings

Now that you have added your product, you will be taken to the Edit screen for the product that you just created, where you can make more modifications.

If for any reason you would like to delete this product completely, simply press the Delete option in the top righthand corner. Additionally, you have the ability to see any add-ons associated with this product or create more on this screen under the Current Addons option.

Some creators want to group services for different types of properties. If you would like to categorize your product, simply press the Manage Categories option to create a grouping and select the category you would like to show on your Order Form. Press Save and your changes will be updated.

Now that you have successfully created and edited your product, you are ready to start receiving orders from your customers. Check out this guide for more information about customizing your Order Form.

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