What are Product Categories?

Many photographers will often split up their products & services between "Residential" and "Commercial" categories as an example. Product categories can be created to manage the products that are displayed on custom order forms.

When should Product Categories be used?

Product categories should be used if you have multiple order forms (like a residential and commercial order form for example) to segment the products that have been categorized and set to display on its corresponding order form.


Let's walk through an example. I have three order forms that I need to segment my product list to show only the products with the appropriate category set for it. Let's say we have an HDR Photography created already and we want to set a product category for it. Open the product and select Manage Categories located to the right of the main product details. Here is where you can create and manage your product categories.

Note: if you delete a category, it will no longer be associated any products.

I have created three categories; Residential, Commercial, and Vacation / Rental Property. Click the X at the top right when you are finished to save your categories. Back on the HDR Photography Product Page, let's set this product category for my Residential Order Form and save.

Success. Now, let's go to our Residential Order Form in Aryeo and open the Order Form Editor. Expand the Step 2: Services section and select Category to Display on this order form from the drop down. For this example, we want Residential. After adjusting our settings, click Save.

Save & Exit out of the editor and that's it! The HDR Photography product we just created will only be available to book from the Residential Order form.

Duplicate Products

In the situation where you have the same product but it is priced differently for multiple order forms using the Duplicate Product option can save you a ton of time! Let's say I have a twilight product that is exactly the same, but priced different for Commercial so we have to recreate the product and set the category to "Commercial". Instead of going through the hassle of building a new product from scratch, use the Duplicate Button at the top right of the original product.

Once you are in the duplicate Products edit page, set the Category to "Commercial" and save!

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