Aryeo has implemented Custom Tax Rates - you will now have considerably more control over the taxes that are added to incoming orders. This will also guarantee that you are aware of the taxes being applied and why, as they were decided upon by you.

Previously taxes needed to be enabled first, in the recent update made, taxes are now automatically enabled in our system. All you have to do is to create the tax rates within your account.

We have simplified taxes into three categories as shown below:

  1. Universal Tax Rates - the tax rate will be applied to all orders regardless of location.

  2. Tax Rates based on State or Province - the tax rate will only be applied to orders that are within this state or province.

  3. Tax Rates based on County - the tax rate will only be applied to orders that are within this county.

With the improved tax rate settings, you will be able to easily choose which tax rate you would like applied, name it so that you know what it’s connected to! You can add a description (if you would like) and then add in the rate you want applied when that option is added to an order.

To get started, simply go to Products > Tax Rate

By clicking Tax Rates, it would direct you to this page:

There are a few additional options to fill out if you wanted to create a tax rate for a state or county, such as the Tax rate for country and state, and then you could add the rate you wanted to be applied for that tax option.

Tax rates can be turned on and off when needed.

Once you receive an order your custom taxes will be automatically attached to the order as shown below:

A few reminders to note when utilizing the tax settings:

**Custom tax rates needs be active before creating an order or before an order is placed for this to take effect. If not tax rates would not be automatically applied to the order

**When placing an order manually using tax rates based on state or province & tax rates based on county, kindly ensure that the address is added first before collecting payment as the tax would not reflect until address is present. Failure to do so would result in an outstanding balance in the customer’s order.

Furthermore, Aryeo now lists out each of the tax rates to make super clear for you to see how the taxes were applied!

You can manually adjust each tax rate within the order as needed or remove them completely. This gives you more control over these taxes per order.

To show you how, here is a sample below:

After clicking the Add Tax button, this would appear on the right hand side of the page

On the bottom of the page, click on Apply Tax Rate

Lastly, here is what you should see:

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