Promotion Codes 💌 are customer-facing codes created on top of Coupons that can be shared directly with your customers, and applied on order forms. After creating a Coupon, you will be presented with new Promotion Codes section where you can create a new code for this Coupon and set any restrictions you'd like for when the code can be used by your customers. You can even add codes that will only apply to specific amounts.

- Note: Promotion Codes are available on our Tier 2+ plans.

For a coupon, please keep in mind that we now have the ability to apply it to specific products, if you would like:

If you have already created Coupons in the Coupon Library, click "edit" on the coupon you wish to create a new Promotion Code for. This is where you will be able to create and manage any number of Promotion Codes for a specific Coupon. If you haven't created a Coupon yet, follow the steps here to create a Coupon.

As you are creating a new Promotion Code, you will be presented with a list of settings and restrictions that can be applied on a per Promotion Code level.

  • Promotion Code Name: This is optional. If left blank, applying the Coupon Code that is associated to this Promotion Code will be used as the fallback.

  • Is this coupon eligible for first time customers only? If yes, toggle this setting ON.

  • Limit the number of times this code can be redeemable: This is good for promotions or limited giveaways.

    • Toggle this ON if you wish to limit the number of times this coupon can be redeemed.

  • Require a minimum order amount: Do you want to ensure clients spend a certain dollar amount for the coupon code is eligible to be applied?

    • Toggle this ON if so and set the min. order amount that must be spent to be eligible for redemption.

  • Set a Start date & an End Date: If applicable.


Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3

Once the Promotion Code becomes redeemable, the code can be applied directly on Step 5 of the Aryeo Order Form to apply the discount automatically to the order total.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3

The client will see that Promotion Code has been applied to their order. Depending on how you collect payments from clients, payment can be collected at this point or later when you deliver the listing media to the client.

The Promotion Code will be visible on the order when you open it on your end and you will also be able to track how many times this Promotion Code has been used.

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