The Aryeo Order Form makes it super easy for clients to book services with your business. Many businesses like to add custom questions to their order forms to collect required/helpful information upfront. Custom Questions can be added to any Aryeo Order Form!

This can be accessed by going to the Order Forms section, on the lefthand side of your Dashboard, click Edit (to the order form you would like to customize, if you have multiple) and then go into the Designer by clicking "Launch Designer".

Looking to add specific questions to your form? Use the Add Custom Fields feature. This option is available at Steps 1 and 3 in your Order Form and can be found in the sidebar.

Custom Questions

To create a new custom question, press Add a Field. Choose what type of field you would like it to appear as. For this, we recommend trying out a few options so you can see which will work best to display your specific field.

Example - Step 1: Address Details -> click View Custom Fields -> click Add a field.

In this example, this user created a drop-down menu to ask if the homeowners will be present or not. Ensure that customers respond to your custom field by pressing the Required button. Press Save and your changes will be updated.

What are some common Custom Questions used on Order Forms?

You can add as many custom questions to the order form as needed. Some of the most common custom questions we see are:

  • Entry Details (lock box code, SUPRA, etc.)

  • Who will be present? (Agent, Homeowner, etc)

  • Finished Basement (yes, no)

  • Neighborhood/Community Requests

  • Notes for Photographer

Filtering Products by Square Foot

Do you have pricing tiers on the products you offer? Enabling the Filter Products by Square Foot feature on Step 1 in the Order Form settings is a great way to ensure clients select the package that best fits the size of the home.

Expand the Address Details section in Step 1 and you will see there are two options on the sidebar for Filter products by sq. ft. and Filter products by price. If you offer a tiered product based off of one of these categories, enabling these options will automatically show customers prices in the correct pricing tier when they add services. A new input box will populate on your Address page when you press Save.

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