For most companies, email is the go-to-channel for customer communications. However, email is only one part of the customer engagement experience throughout a project's lifecycle.

SMS notification provides a new and powerful channel to engage with customers allowing businesses to send concise, timely messages to customers ensuring order and appointment notifications are received in a convenient and timely manner. Text messages get read more than any other form of communication.

Similar to our Client Portal app, SMS notifications will be available at an early access price of $19/month in addition to the core Aryeo subscription. Contact our support team to learn how to get early access to this feature in your account.

Enabling SMS Notifications

Once your subscription has been updated to include SMS notifications, you will be able to enable the feature within the Notifications page in your account. A new section will be added for SMS notifications. Toggling this feature on will enable SMS Notifications for your group.

When SMS notifications are enabled, Aryeo will send your customers and your team members SMS notifications to their configured phone number. Recipients have the option of configuring email and SMS notifications for specific notifications via their Notification Preferences page. See example below.

How do SMS Notifications work?

Once SMS Notifications have been enabled for your group, any new notification that gets triggered from the system will be sent via email and the SMS channel. Combined with email, the two create a seamless customer communication experience that’s reliable and downright powerful.

By default, team members and clients will automatically be opted in to SMS Notifications as long as the user has a valid phone number added to their account profile. Team members and customers can disable email and/or SMS notifications within the Notification Preferences page in their account at any time if they wish to opt out.

Text messages will be sent from a no-reply phone number keeping your personal phone number out of the equation.

SMS Notifications Delivery Status

Client activity tracking can be found at the bottom of every Listing and Order page in the system to provide insights into notification delivery status, download activity, and more. Utilize the Activity Log to gain insight into SMS notification delivery status!

Questions? Reach out to our support team for further assistance!

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