In the dark on email delivery status or wondering if a client has downloaded media for a listing that was recently shared? Now, you can stop worrying if your emails made it to the inbox or what media has been downloaded by clients and get back to focusing on what matters - managing your business. Aryeo brings you into the light with client Activity Logs.

Client activity tracking is now visible in the system to help visualize client activity on both the Listing or Order edit page. Utilize the Activity Log to preview a live activity feed of your clients’ actions, email delivery history and more! The activity log is only visible to your team and permission to view the activity log can be adjusted per team member as needed.

Listing Activity Log

New activity on listings and/or orders will represented at the top of the Activity Log with older activity located towards the bottom. Tracked activities on the Listing page include (with timestamps):

  • Listing Created

  • Listing Delivered

  • Listing Delivery Email Notification Tracking

  • Media Downloads

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Order Activity Logs

Activity Logs on the Order page includes an activity feed with all the order activity and transactional emails sent to your team and to your clients. You can expand the details of transactional emails to review delivery history for all messages sent related to this order and/or appointment(s).

Order Activity Log events tracked include (with timestamps):

  • Order Created

  • Appointment Scheduled

  • Appointment Rescheduled

  • Appointment Canceled

  • Appointment Assigned to a team member

  • Appointment Unassigned from a team member

  • Payment Collection Activity

Order Activity

We are excited to provide your business with increased visibility into detailed open and delivery tracking for every email sent from our system. Click on recipients to view their full delivery history for all messages sent related to the order. The list of Aryeo transactional Emails that are sent to either your clients or your team that are now tracked in the Aryeo Activity Log include (with timestamps):

  • Order Confirmation Email

  • Appointment Scheduled Email

  • Appointment Rescheduled Email

  • Appointment Canceled Email

  • Appointment Assigned to a team member

  • Appointment Unassigned from a team member

Activity Tracking

Who Can See the Activity Log?

Only Creator Groups have access to view the Activity Log at this time. If you would like to limit who can see the activity log on your team, open the Team page and adjust the permission settings in the Report Permissions section for the team members who you do or do not wish to have access to the Activity Log.

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