Customer Portals provide a place for agents to login and review previous listings, place new orders with your business, and download listing media directly in their account.

Share Portal With Customers

Open your Account Settings and locate the Customer Portal section to get started. Copy and share the portal links with current and new customers to provide an easy way for them to access your portal. Adding buttons to the following links on your business' website can be a great way to drive further agent engagement and new order volume.

Appearance & Branding

Update the appearance of your Customer Portal with these settings. The Portal Subdomain is used for your customer portal subdomain (i.e. You can also update the access color which is used for buttons and styling within the customer portal. We recommend using a strong color that works well as a background to white text. You can also add a portal image to really make it pop!

Note: be careful when changing this subdomain. Changes may break existing portal links if already linked on your business' website or elsewhere. Portal Subdomain (must be lower-cased with a dash (-) separator between the words)

Customer Portal > Dashboard View

Inside the customer portal your client will see all of the listings delivered to them by your business, their order history and appointments information, leads collected from contact forms on property websites, their ability to access and create marketing materials, and so much more!

Their dashboard view looks very similar to what you see in your Creator Account, but with limited menu options on the left navigation menu. Next, we will review all of the Customer Portal menu options and actions below.

Customer Portal > Listings

The Listings section is where agents can review all of the listings your business has historically shared with their group, the most recent being the first property card. Agents can click into any listing card to view the contents inside and/or download the listing media.

Customer Portal > Orders

The Orders section is where your clients can review all of the order history information placed with your business. Click into any order to view details, complete payments, download invoices, and review and/or update appointment information.

Customer Portal > Place New Order

Agents will have a purple Place Order button at the top of the left navigation menu enabling them to easily place a new order and schedule appointments with your business without ever having to leave the Customer Portal!

Customer Portal > Orders + Appointments

If an order contains an appointment, agents can click into the order and scroll down to view the appointment information. They will see the Photographer name who is assigned to the appointment, the appointment start time, duration, estimated end time, and order items for this appointment.

Client Rescheduling

It's helpful to review the appointment information on the order, but clients can also reschedule or cancel appointments if needed (and if enabled for your groups settings/preferences). Clicking the Reschedule button will take the agent to a scheduling page where they can select a new day and time to complete the appointment. For Photography teams with Customer Choice Scheduling settings, clients will be able to see other teams members availability in the case that the original team member is not available on the desired date/time.

Customer Portal > Marketing Center

The Marketing Center within the Customer Portal lets agents browse through available templates for marketing materials like Flyers, Postcards, and Social Media posts to help market and sell their listings faster. Simply pick a template, select the property you wish to create the marketing template for, and the system will pull in all of the available media and information so it's pretty much ready to go! Use the drag and drop tools to put the final touches in place and download your content when ready!

Questions? Reach out to our team for help at [email protected]. Thanks!

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