What are Customer Portals?

Customer Portals provide groups with a branded login and registration portal for your customers. A single link can be shared with current and new customers to provide an easy way for them to access your portal and place new orders with your business.

Adding buttons using the customer portal url on your business' website can be a great way to drive further agent engagement and new order volume. Drive more sales and increase revenue by setting up your own branded customer portal!

Customer Portal Settings

Open your Account and locate the Customer Center within the Customers section to get started. Within the Customer Portal Settings page, you will be able to customize the branding and appearance of your portal and obtain a shareable URL in which you can add to your business website.

Preview Portal: Portals are built for your customers, but you can test your customer portal to get a sense of the look and feel your customers will experience. Try it out with a demo agent. You can also get a better sense of your clients experience in the portal here.

Sharing the Portal Link

Copy the the publicly accessible link to your Customer Portal and add it to your business website. Adding a button that takes clients to the Customer Portal on your business' website can be a great way to drive further agent engagement and new order volume.

Portal Link Example: https://roxy-media-solutions.aryeo.com

Customize Appearance & Branding

This is where you can update the appearance of your Customer Portal.

Portal Subdomain: This is used for your customer portal subdomain (i.e. roxy-media-solutions.aryeo.com). Note, be careful when changing this subdomain. Changes may break existing portal links if already linked on your business' website or elsewhere. The portal domain must be lower-cased with a dash (-) separator between the words.

Accent Color: Used for buttons and styling within the customer portal. We recommend using a strong color that works well as a background to white text.

Logo: Add your business logo to replace the Aryeo logo on the portal page.

Cover Image: This will replace the stock image displayed on the portal page. For best results, we recommend using a vertical photo for the cover image.

Previewing the Customer Portal

Now that the appearance and branding have been updated, your customer portal is ready to share! Before sharing the link, you may wish to preview the portal page yourself.

To preview the Customer Portal, copy the portal link, open an incognito window (this is important so the system doesn't recognize you are logged in as a creator), and paste the URL in the browser search bar.

Here's what the Portal Page should look like opened in an incognito window for example:

Current customers already added in your Aryeo customer center can log in here. New customers are able to sign up and place an order on any public order form directly within your portal! What about customers that are already logged in? No problem, they can still use this link.

Customer Portal Dashboard Preview

Upon logging in, clients will be greeted with a similar dashboard page as you see in your own account. They'll have the option to place a new order right away, or view today's orders with appointments.

Placing New Orders in the Customer Portal

If you have multiple Public Order Forms, placing new orders with your business just got easier than ever! In the portal, customers will now have a single landing page where they can see the different order forms that you have marked as public, select one, and then will be taken directly into that booking flow.

To learn more about Order Landing Pages, check out our available support article here: Order Landing Pages - New 🚀

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