If you haven’t connected Aryeo + Zapier before, open the App store and generate a token for Zapier by clicking on the Zapier tile. Use that token in the setup πŸ‘πŸΌ Click here to view our Zapier Setup Guide.

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We want to create an Appointment Created Zap between Acuity and Aryeo using Zapier. In Aryeo, we know that appointments are always associated to Orders. Meaning, there must be an Order in Aryeo in order to create an appointment. Keep that in mind as we go through and build this Zap.

1: New Appointment Trigger from Acuity

To start, we’ll want to select Acuity + New Appointment Trigger.

Set up Trigger:

  • Choose the calendar the appointment is coming from in Acuity.

  • Leave the Appointment Type field blank.

  • Test the Trigger

  • Success! πŸŽ‰

2: Zapier Formatter - Numbers

Next we will to use the Zapier Formatter to convert the order amount from cents to dollars before creating the next step. We don’t want the order total showing up in cents in Aryeo so we will want to use the Zapier Formatter to convert the cents in this field to dollars. This will now be the second step in the zap where we will convert order amount in cents to dollars for our Aryeo Trigger.

Zapier Number Formatter Set Up Action:

  • Transform = Perform Math Operation

  • Operation = Multiply. (We want to multiply by 100 to get our order dollar value)

  • Input:

    • Line 1: Acuity Price of Appointment (This is the order total from Acuity that is coming in as cents)

    • Line 2: 100 (We are multiplying by 100 to get our order dollar value)

  • Test.

  • Success! πŸŽ‰

  • Go back up to Step the Aryeo Create Order Action to complete the Action setup steps. Then move to step below.

3: Create Order in Aryeo Action

Our next step would be to Create the Order in Aryeo. Remember, the appointment cant exist in our system without an order so we will need to set up the Order Action prior to the Appointment Creation action. Choose the Create Order in Aryeo Action for this step.

Set up Action:

  • Fulfillment status = UNFULFILLED (because an order would not be fulfilled before the appointment happens)

  • Address ID = leave blank

  • Product Items - Product Variant ID = leave blank

  • Custom Items = Appointment -

    • Acuity First Name - first name of the customer from Acuity

    • Acuity Last Name - last name of the customer from Acuity

    • Acuity Appointment Type - Acuity Product

  • Description = leave blank

  • Amount = Output (Zapier Numbers Format we created above)

  • Quantity: 1

  • Test.

  • Success! πŸŽ‰

4: Zapier Date/Time Formatter Set Up Action

Next we will to use the Zapier Formatter again to convert the how the preferred Order Date/Time is represented on Aryeo Orders. See below for Set up action steps and field inputs.

Set up Action:

  • Transform = Add/Subtract Time (we want to manipulate a date and time by adding or subtracting time)

  • Values - Input = Acuity Datetime (this is the date from Acuity we want to manipulate)

  • Expression = +, Acuity Duration of Appointment, minutes (We want to add time to the date in minutes)

  • To Format = YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ (2006-01-22T23:04:05-0000) - select this option from the dropdown menu provided.

  • Test.

  • Success! πŸŽ‰

5: Creation Aryeo Appointment Action

Our final step in the workflow is to Create the Aryeo Appointment Action. Set up action steps below

Set up action:

  • Order ID = Aryeo order ID number variable

  • Start at = Datetime Acuity (this is the date and time format that comes from Acuity)

  • End at = Output (Zapier Numbers Format we created above)

  • Test.

  • Success! πŸŽ‰

Wrapping Up:

The final Zap workflow should appear in the following order:

  1. Acuity + New Appointment Trigger

  2. Zapier Formatter: Numbers (This is turning cents into dollars before it gets to Aryeo)

  3. Create Order in Aryeo Action

  4. Zapier Formatter: Date/Time (This is providing us with the appointment end at time so we can calculate the duration of the appointment)

  5. Create Appointment in Aryeo Action

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