Zapier is an incredibly powerful tool that will open so many doors for our customers and partners. Let's walk through a few examples of some Actions and Triggers we are kicking off with below.


The first type of integration possible with Zapier are inbound actions. For example, if you use a system like Acuity for scheduling, using Zapier you can connect your Acuity and Aryeo accounts so when you receive a new order in Acuity, it creates a new order in your Aryeo account. This allows you to continue using other systems that work well for your business, and still be able to utilize the power of Aryeo.

Some other examples of Zapier Actions that are now available are:

  • Create Address

  • Create Order

  • Create Appointment


However, it doesn't stop there for Zapier. Not only are inbound actions possible, but you will also be able to take advantage of outbound Triggers. An example of an outbound trigger would be if you used a system like Mailchimp for emailing all of your customers, you can connect your Mailchimp and Aryeo accounts, so that every time a New Customer was created in Aryeo, they are automatically added to your Mailchimp account.

Some other examples of triggers that are available to use now are:

  • New Order Created

  • Order is Fulfilled

  • Order is Paid

  • Appointment is Scheduled

  • Appointment is Rescheduled

  • Appointment is Canceled

Creating a Zap

We've recorded a quick video to provide an overview on getting started and how to create an example zap between Aryeo and another system. Check it out below!

With this new infrastructure in place we will be able to easily roll out many more actions and triggers in the future. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to your feedback!

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